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Dupe List

We have a variety of fragrances that we have renamed due to copyright or putting our own spin on them. This is a list of fragrances by our name and the dupe name for your ease. 

Simply Wax JS Name
Dupe Name
Scent Description
A Touch of ClassLacoste - Touch of Pink

This scent reveals blood orange, coriander leaf, cardamom & peach, followed by jasmine, unexpected carrot, and spicy coriander note in the heart.

A Winter's KissNo Dupe - Like Christmas Day / pine
AdventurousCreed - Aventus for Him Dupe
AngelicMulger Angel Dupe
Apple Bon BonNo Dupe - A sweet apple fragrance
As Fresh as a FairyFairy - Almond Milk & Manuka Honey Dupe
A-Va-BathL*sh - Avobath Dupe
Aloe & CucumberNo Dupe 
Baby CleanLike a baby powder fragrance without the artificial after fragrance sting
Beautiful LifeLancome - La Vie Est Belle Dupe
Bernie MouseNo Dupe - just a gorgeous fruity mix 
Berry-LiciousNo Dupe - just a lovely berry mix
Berry-TasticFabulosa - Rainbow Drops Dupe
Birthday CakeNo Dupe
Blush SandsYankee Candle - Pink Sands Dupe
Bora BoraNo Dupe
BubblegumNo Dupe
Candy AppleNo Dupe - Like toffee apple
Carri-Berry MelonCocktail Dupe
CherryNo Dupe
Cherry-FulNo Dupe - a cherry mix
Citrus ExplosionNo Dupe 
Clean CottonNo Dupe - just a clean cotton fragrance
CloudAriana Grande - Cloud Dupe
Coco MangoNo Dupe - Coconut & Mango
Coco PowderNo Dupe 
Coconut & LemongrassNo Dupe
Cranberry CrushNo Dupe
Dark Plum & SandalwoodChloe - Nomade Perfume Dupe
Endless FreshUnstoppables - Fresh Dupe
Endless SleepUnstoppables - Dreams Dupe
Endless UpliftUnstoppables - Uplift Dupe
EnergisingNo Dupe - A citrus blend on a base of white musk
Dior - Fahrenheit Dupe
FantasyBritney Spears Fantasy Dupe
Fresh LinenFresh Laundry Dupe
Frosty EucalyptusMrs Hinch Inspired - Frosted Eucalyptus Dupe
Fruit BlastFruit Salad Sweet Dupe
Fruit FizzLove Heart Sweets Dupe
Gentle BleuChanel Blue Dupe
GhostsGhost Perfume Dupe
GingerbreadNo Dupe
He's So SavageDior Sauvage Dupe
Honey I Cleaned The KidsL*sh - Honey I Washed The Kids Dupe
HypnoticLenor - Dazzle Dupe
Ice QueenL*sh - Snow Fairy Dupe
In a DazeMarc Jacobs Daisy Dupe
KingPaco Rabane - One Million Dupe
LadyChanel Coco Mademoiselle Dupe
Lavender & LemonNo Dupe
Lavender & VanillaYankee Candle - Lavender & Vanilla Dupe
Lemon DrizzleNo Dupe - just a bakery lemon fragrance
Lemon TwistFabulosa Lemon Sherbet Dupe
Lost CherryTom Ford Lost Cherry Dupe
Love SpellsVictoria Secrets Love Spell Dupe
LullabyJohnsons - Bedtime Bath Dupe
LuxuriousUnstoppables - Lavish Dupe
Marshmallow CandyNo Dupe
Marshmallow & Pink LycheeNo Dupe
Monkey MadnessNo Dupe - Banana 
Mountain BreezeZoflora - Mountain Air Dupe
Mystic WoodsBath & Body Works - Twilight Woods Dupe
My WayArmani - My Way Dupe
OlympiaPaco Rabane - Olympea Dupe
Ombre LeatherTom Ford - Ombre Leather Dupe
Outer SpaceMulger - Alien Dupe
Peaches & CreamNo Dupe
PeppermintNo Dupe
PhantomPaco Rabane - Phantom Dupe
Poppy NoirYSL Black Opium Dupe
Pure & GoodCarolina Herrara Good Girl Dupe
Pure SeductionVictoria Secrets - Pure Seduction Dupe
Purple ThunderPurple Rain Cocktail Dupe
QueenPaco Rabane - Lady Million Dupe
Raspberry CottonNo Dupe
Raspberry FizzProsecco Raspberry Dupe
Raspberry IndulgenceWhite Chocolate & Raspberry
Raspberry & LemonGin Cocktail Dupe
RefinedMaison Frances Kurkdjian - Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe
RefreshedJo Malone - Lime, Basil & Mandarin Dupe
Rhubarb RoseMolton Brown - Rhubarb Rose Dupe
RomanceStrawberries & Cream Dupe
Roseyland of WonderMrs Hinch Inspired - Rosey Wonderland Dupe
Sherbet LimesNo Dupe
Sherbet OrangeNo Dupe
Sherbet ZombsNo Dupe
Spa DaySpanish Cleaning - Dupe
Spring AwakeUnstoppables - Spring Awakening Dupe
Strawberry Bon BonStrawberry Bon Bon Sweets Dupe
Strawberry ChampersVictoria Secrets - Strawberries & Champers Dupe
Sunshine ExplosionComfort - Intense Sunburst Dupe
Sweet Apple & VanillaNo Dupe
Sweet DreamsL*sh Twilight Inspired Dupe
Sweet VioletsParma Violets Dupe
Thai Lime & MangoJo Malone - Thai Lime & Mango Dupe
TimelessChanel - No5 Dupe
Totally TropicalLilt Dupe
Touch of ClassLacoste - Touch of Pink Dupe
TropicalNo Dupe
LullabyJohnsons - Bedtime Bath Dupe
WatermelonNo Dupe
WatermelonadeBath & Body Works - Watermelon Lemonade Dupe
You're Making Me CrazyNo Dupe 
Yum Yum BumBrazilian Bum Bum Cream Dupe